Monday, February 18, 2016.


His Majesty the King Felipe VI visited the facilities of the Central Hospital of the Defense “Gómez Ulla”; the acting Minister of Defense, the Undersecretary of Defense, the Surgeon General, the director of the Central Hospital of the Defense "Gómez Ulla", as well as a select group of generals and officers of the Military Health Corp accompanied the king.


The High Level Isolation Unit, which is part of the functional NBC unit, was one of the units that H.M. the King visited.


This facility, which was inaugurated last October, is designed to assist patients with highly infectious diseases requiring a strict level of isolation and biosafety. The highest quality standards and the latest international recommendations have been followed in the construction of this facility, which places it at the vanguard in Europe. Owing to this work, the "Gómez Ulla" Hospital stands at the forefront of the national hospital network, with the capability of diagnosing and treating severe infections.


These facilities are also a magnificent setting for training health professionals working in isolation units of the hospital network.



2 February 2016.


On 2 February, the Chief of Defence Staff, General Admiral Fernando Garcia Sánchez, and Chiefs of staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force, visited the Central Hospital of the Defence “Gómez Ulla” in order to see the high level isolation unit as well as the CBRN functional unit project.
They also attended the presentation of the Rapid Deployment Team of Investigation of Outbreaks of Diseases (RDOIT). This is designed to provide scientific support to the deployed forces and to the investigation of outbreaks of diseases in which intentional origin could be possible. This has made a significant contribution to Military Health.



14 January 2016.


On 14 January 2016, the instruction of the 2nd Congress of Military Health took place with the civil and military authorities at the Blood-transfusion Centre in the Central Hospital of Defence.


11 January 2016.


H.M. King Felipe VI accepts the Presidency of honour f the 2nd Congress of Military Health to be held on the 22 and 23 June 2016 at Central Hospital of Defence “Gómez Ulla”.


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