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Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On 22 and 23 June 2016, the city of Madrid will host The 2nd Military Health Conference titled "New Military Health: adaptation, evolution and progress."

This conference gives us a new chance to put our proposals and concerns on the table regarding current issues affecting our profession, with the primary goal of deeper understanding and improvement of missions entrusted to Military Health. Topics of current interest are:  lessons learned by Military Health in international missions, the study of the channels of cooperation in health with other institutions, agencies, state security forces or civilian health systems, as well as the importance of education and continuous training in Military Health.

The organising committee is coordinating an attractive and interesting meeting that can meet the expectations of every member of Military Health, with a scientific program including conferences, seminars, roundtables, papers and posters which will certainly be of interest.

Participation is essential, so I encourage you not only to attend the conference but to also take active part with papers and posters. Only this way will The II Military Health Conference be successful.

We look forward to count on your participation and support.





Mr Santiago Coca Menchero
Surgeon General


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